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"Wow! What a great video! Above and beyond our expectations. Thank you for a job well done. You managed to get every important shot without anyone even knowing you were there. Just what I wanted!....there is a nice transition between the events of the night and you don't fixate on any one thing. It was perfect!" - Carley and Eric Orsini

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Q. What is included in your package?
A. All packages include coverage of your event, (times below), editing, and a scrolling graphic page of wedding invitation. We also create a highlight montage of the day set to your choice of music and you receive a link to that to share on social media. You'll receive 3 fully interactive DVDs or Blu-Ray discs and additional copies are available if needed. Packages are easily customized as well to suit your preferences.

Q. How much time is included in your coverage?
A. For an event in one location we provide 5.5 hours of coverage. This time begins at the scheduled ceremony start time. For example, if your ceremony started at 6:00pm, you'd be covered until 11:30pm. Should your ceremony and reception be in two different locations, we build in an additional 30 minutes for travel at no additional cost. In this case, a 6:00pm ceremony start would have coverage until Midnight. Occasionally event times are not continuous and we are happy to accommodate that and make it work for you as well.

Q. My event is longer than your coverage time, is extended coverage available?
A. Absolutely! Extended time is available at an hourly rate. We receive many requests for pre-ceremony getting ready footage and are happy to be there for all of the behind the scenes energy and chaos. Or perhaps the party gets extended, we can stay for that as well.

Q. When do you arrive?
A. Typically the crew is on site a minimum of one hour prior to the ceremony start time, for technical preparations as well as covering pre-ceremony activities. If your ceremony begins at 6pm we would be on site no later than 5pm. Arrangements can be made to have us cover earlier preparation footage as well.

Q. What type of equipment is used?
A. All aspects of production are 1080 HD, recorded and edited on industry leading hardware and software.

Q. Do you use a lot of cabling and bright lights?
A. NO! All equipment used at your event is powered by batteries, there will be no cables running anywhere! Typically lights are not used during a ceremony, but sometimes are necessary at receptions due to the low light nature of the location. Thanks to the sensitivity of our equipment, we are able to use small, on camera lights to provide a small pool of light where needed. There are no lights on stands "re-lighting" the room.

Q. Do you interview people at tables during the reception?
A. We found out years ago that people trying to enjoy your reception are bothered by this practice. We promise that we'll never interview people at their table. Should you wish certain people to speak on camera, there are other methods that can used to have them do this without disrupting their experience.

Q. How do I get rates?
A. You may call our office at (410) 922-8622 and we'll give you several options based on your location(s), number of guests, and most importantly , what you are trying to get out of the video. You can also click on the "Contact Us" link and a form will appear requesting more information. Simply complete this form as thoroughly as possible and we will email you a quote based on that information. Best of all of course, is an appointment to meet and thoroughly discuss your needs and wants regarding our services.


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